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Every now and then we get to hear about people doing selfless deeds that make us regain faith in our fellow man. Even though those moments are few and far between, we cherish each of them totally and completely! Mostly, it’s for fear that we may not get a chance to find another one! In the year of the ratchet, they are becoming much harder to discover! But  when we do, it does our hearts good to get to tell you about it too!

King Tech and Sway are doing something very powerful with their platform on Shade 45 Monday, April 15th! The notorious duo from the “Wake Up Show” are releasing and showcasing music made by up and coming artists m.o.e, Dre Bill, Mitch Littlez, Chris Young, d.a.go and Yancy Deron. They battled on their show previously. These artists have been paired up with some amazing noted producers; M.Stacks, Bosko and Track Bangas. The results are true fire. But what’s even further endearing about their Monday broadcast is that in addition to helping some dope underground artists, the “Wake Up Show” is also drawing awareness to the plight of legendary Bay Area Hip Hop legend Saafir.

King Tech Told The Urban Daily;

“Sway and I did a contest called the “Wake Up Show Rap Battle” on sway in the morning on XM. W e then connected the mcs to A list producers to see what happens and they came out with some dope sh**! The contest ended a couple of weeks ago,  we are going to do a mega mix with the winners this Monday on Shade 45 at 8 pm EST and dedicate the show to Saafir to bring him more attention.”

In recent years, Saafir has found himself in a precarious situation. For many reasons, most of them work related, he has lost the use of his legs and has been confined to a wheelchair. Many never stop to think about the fact that Hip Hop has no retirement plan. So, now Saafir who is facing steep hospital bills etc, deserves the Hip Hop community to rally around him and show the love that he has so deeply shown to the fans, the culture and to the music itself. King Tech and Sway are hoping to bring awareness to this pioneers situation and they are doing it through music! Check out Saafir’s story below.

Please be sure to tune in to their show on Shade 45 Monday, April 15, 2013, and show these guys your support! Often times people in powerful positions hear of tragic stories that they would like to help with, but they simply don’t, won’t or can’t. Thanks to King Tech and Sway, the public may soon find out about this story, and be willing to give back and lend help to a man who truly deserves it. We wish all of them the very best of luck!


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