Rapper Nas is asking a judge to dismiss a concert promoter’s 10 million dollar lawsuit. Nas says that it was the man’s own fault for being kidnapped in Angola and held for almost two months.

Patrick Allocco alleged that Nas took 300 thousand dollars for a New Year’s Eve concert in Angola and never showed. Allocco says promoters from the African nation held him for ransom for 50 days starting in December of 2011. He claims during his holding they were beating and threatening him at gunpoint until they got their money back.

According to TMZ, on Moday Nas filed court documents saying they settled the matter during the promoter’s captivity and the settlement included an agreement that if Nas repaid the advance, Allocco wouldn’t sue. Nas says Allocco knew what he was getting into; he flew to Angola to be “human security” for the show deal before the rapper even signed on.

Nas did eventually pay the money back. As for why he didn’t show up to the concert in the first place, Nas says the promoter breached their original contract by fumbling their plane tickets, failing to provide enough security and paying the $300K advance late.

Do you think Allocco has a chance of getting any money out of Nas? Or will the case be dismissed in the rappers favor?

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