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Entertainment’s headlines have been overrun with the story about famed actor/producer Michael Douglas saying he got throat cancer because he was bowing at the alter of his various female lovers throughout his years. Although it may sound crazy, at first, Douglas’ theory does hold some weight. According to our resident medical site BlackDoctor.Org, men can get throat cancer through oral sex due to women carrying the traits of HPV in their systems.

In finding out this information, I became concerned about one of today’s favorite rappers–Lil Wayne. As much as he raps about poop in all of it’s pungent glory, he also talks A LOT about dining on a woman’s passion fruit. We went through some of Weezy’s lyrics and found lyrics that supported our cause of concern. Check out ten songs that should have Lil Wayne worried about throat cancer.

10 Reasons Lil Wayne Should Be Worried About Throat Cancer [HUMOR]  was originally published on

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