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Ladies, let me start by saying I’m only here to help. I’m going to need you to keep that sentiment in mind for the next few paragraphs. I was just put on to “A Girly Girl’s Guide To Watching The 2013 NBA Finals” posted on our sister site While the information came from a good place (bless your heart!) it was a bit misguided in places. Allow me, (an actual guy) to put you on to what will and won’t drive a guy crazy during the finals. And remember ladies, a brotha is only trying to help!

1) Don’t Make This About You.

Being at a sports-related party is all about the sport. This is where his focus is going to be, this is what the other guys are going to be talking about. This is not the time to bring up anything outside of the sport. Not your friends, the day, shoes or what your heard about Gabrielle Union (that does NOT count!) You should never come to the table attempting to get more of his focus than the game. It’s inconsiderate and annoying as hell and a sure fire way to make sure you don’t get an invite to game two.

2) Find Out What Team He Roots For.

Picking and rooting for the team that Knicked… I mean KNOCKED his team out of the finals is bad mojo. Especially since he knows you don’t really care that much. If he’s a die-hard fan it may come across spiteful. Instead, find out what team he roots for and go with that. It’s all the same to you anyway, right? It’s better for you him to hear “Are we winning?” then to hear “Yay! We beat you!” Especially for a team he’s rooting against.

3) Don’t Ask A Million Questions During The Game.

This one is spot on for a few different reasons: 1) No guy wants stop watching the game to explaining to you why that was a foul or why that shot counted for three points instead of two. 2) As a guy who watches basketball and has taken the time to learn the many rules and regulations, it’s unrealistic to think you can grasp it all in one sitting, making an explanation just pointless. Knowing that you’re not that into it and that this is a big deal to him, its enormously inconsiderate to pull his focus away from something he’s trying to enjoy to explain something you’re probably going to forget by the next whistle. Remember rule one, this is NOT about YOU.

4) Do NOT attempt to “Dress The Part.”

You know you’re not into the game that much and your man knows you’re not into basketball that much and based on the questions you’ve no doubt let slip out during the game, you KNOW that he knows you’re not that into the game. If you spend money on a Basketball jersey that’s going in the drawer when the series is over or just on your butt when its time for bed, all he’ll see is a huge waste of money. ESPECIALLY if his team isn’t in the series! Your everyday, lounge swag is just fine for a game party but if you REALLY want to impress him? Spend the jersey money on pizza and sodas for the game. You’ll never look hotter to him.

5) Do NOT refer to any of the players as “cute/sexy/handsome/hot or variation of the term.”

In the company of a man, your man, his friends, is NOT the time to let the groupie flag fly. No matter how harmless (or true) you think it is, it is, in fact the fastest way to paint yourself in the absolute worst light possible with highlights of hoe. Saying anything along those lines will subject him to questions and scrutiny from his boys for years to comes and guarantee that it’s game over for him, and possibly you too.

Extra Credit: Don’t Say Things Like “Omg, It’s Just A Game/It’s Not That Serious!”

Your man/homeboy loves sports. Granted it may not seem like a big deal to you but it is to him. So there’s nothing more disrespectful than wiping our feet on that love anytime you see a sports-fueled reaction from him that you don’t like or understand. This is his thing, show it the same respect you would want him to show one of your important things. I can promise you he won’t forget it.


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