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Oh, 2012… It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and many times it was downright WTF. Some were funny, and some were just terrible. Here are our top moments we wish we could forget in 2012!

Mary J. Blige’s Burger King Commercial

MJB shocked us all with her Burger King commercial for the crispy chicken wrap. It always makes us hang our head when we see a black person ever speak about our favorite poultry dish in the company of white folk (in this case it being the entire world), but to see Mary J. Blige croon-and-coon over some nasty crispy chicken wraps (I admit, I had one) was just all types of SMH. After complete backlash from the ad, Burger King pulled it, and MJB acted like she was bamboozled with the idea. She said to CNN, “I agreed to be a part of a fun and creative campaign that was supposed to feature a dream sequence. Unfortunately, that’s not what was happening in that clip, so I understand my fans being upset by what they saw.” Ma’am, I know you must protect your image, but really? Mary was propped up on that counter with a microphone with a whole Summerstage audience in the ad. Who are you fooling? But for a reported $1 million she received for the commercial, I can’t say I wouldn’t harmonize for some chicken myself. Check the commercial below as well as a hilarious parody.

Professor Brian McKnight Wanted To Teach Us Some Things

So singer Brian McKnight wants to show me how my what works? And he’ll make it do WHAT now?? This had to be one of the most awkward songs ever, but McKnight tried to spin this as a joke and the joke was on us. He debuted the song on YouTube in what seemed like his home studio, which was supposedly a request by his female fans for him to get into more explicit content. He even said he was going to release an “adult mixtape.” (Whatever that is.) He ruffled his old man mowhawk and got to harmonizing on his Yamaha keyboard. And he gave us this. #NeverForget and watch the video (NSFW).

Jaheim’s Funeral Costume

Why, oh, why would he do this? Of all days, the days that our beloved sister/auntie/friend in our head Whitney Houston was being buried was not the day for Jaheim to test out his Darkwing Duck costume. The singer caught a lot of flack for his suit, but he never seemed fazed.

Pop Bottles with Hoodies & Heels for Justice

If the death of Trayvon Martin wasn’t extreme enough (especially since his family still haven’t received any types of real justice for his death yet), an Orlando, Florida club decided to have a party in his “honor.” The party occurred less than a month after his wrongful death, and who knows how much of the money the party raised went to the family, but the entire thing was just done in poor taste.

The Uppercut Heard Around the World

Just don’t get bus drivers mad because the wheels on the bus go round and round and so do their fists. A video went viral after a loud female passenger provoked a bus driver by spitting on him and yelling. The bus driver had enough and sent that girl straight to the moon. Both parties involved were completely out-of-order, but it had the Internet buzzing for a while after the altercation.

Ochocinco Thinks He is a Ram

Unfortunately, we saw their divorce coming, but a headbutt? Who would have guessed that? The motion sparked the divorce after Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada had only been married a month, was brought on being Ochocinco being caught for his infidelity. The couple ultimately separated, and it brought on even more bizarre behavior from Ochocinco (who was fired from the Miami Dolphins after the domestic dispute), including tattooing Lozada’s face on his leg.

The New New Age Moms

No, these moms don’t bake cookies or drive soccer vans. They have cooler things to do like tat up their kid’s arm or lay them down in the tanning booth for a little bedtime glow. In case you missed it, two mothers came under fire this year for just these reasons. The tanning mom, Patricia Krentcil, took her daughter into a tanning booth and after the five-year-old received second degree burns. On the other side of the ratchet spectrum, Chuntera Napier, allowed her 10-year-old son get a tattoo of his late brother. She was charged with misdemeanor cruelty.

The Miami Zombie

Who in the hell left the gate open? Rudy Eugene wasn’t a real life zombie, more like a cannibal, who made a meal of a homeless man’s face earlier this May. Some reports of the cause were bath salts, PCP, and voodoo, but unfortunately Eugene suffered from mental health problems who had numerous run ins with the law. He was ultimately shot and killed by the police when he would not stop his attack.

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