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When R. Kelly sang about the moment when a woman is fed up and there being nothing a man can do to fix it, he certainly wasn’t joking. A man in Tennessee was shot and killed by his wife eleven minutes after being released from jail.

A McMinn County Sheriff told the media they got a call reporting that Robert Marshall was irate, suicidal, and threatening to kill his wife, Melissa, and children with a knife. Robert Marshall was picked up by police at a nearby Super 8 Motel. Upon searching Marshall, they found he had a large amount of various pills and gun on him. Police also found out Robert Marshall’s wife previously had a restraining order put in place. Robert Marshall was taken into custody. Cops explained that the order of protection was in place and helped him understand what that meant.

Once Robert Marshall made bond, he went straight to his wife’s home where she called the police again. Robert was reportedly trying to force his way into the house. As the police were en route to the residence, Robert finally got into the home and Melissa shot him. She was still on the phone with 911 when she shot him, so she did indicate that to the dispatchers. Once the police arrived, they found the front door kicked in and Robert Marshall dead in a bedroom with a gun shot wound to the chest.

Police didn’t charge Melissa Marshall in the shooting because it looked like an open-and-shut case of self-defense. Sheriff Joe Guy stated, “It’s a case where domestic violence unfortunately resulted in a loss of life. Court orders won’t keep every aggressor away, but are a useful deterrent to acts of violence and further enable officers to have knowledge of the situation.”



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