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Part one of the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion special kicked off last night with a bang (and by bang, we mean Joseline Hernandez‘s shoe connecting with someone’s skull). Check out the most talked about moments.

Mimi VS Joseline VS Karlie Redd


“L&HHATL” left off with Mimi getting the last laugh but,  Joseline wasn’t about to trumped by her again. It didn’t take long for Joseline to attack Mimi and hurl insult after insult at Stevie’s baby’s mother. She accused Mimi of wanting to be like her post her boob-job. Things got physical once Joseline could stand no more of being called a prostitute. However, attitudes quickly changed when Mimi and Jos had a heart-to-heart moment. Mimi emphasized with Joseline because they both lost their mothers. Joseline even broke down to tears while Mimi scolded Stevie for not being a good man. “We got somebody crying, stop screaming,” Stevie J told Mimi. Rolls eyes. We can’t take him seriously.

Once that segment was over, Joseline expressed how much she doesn’t mess with Karlie Redd, who she calls old and tired. Karlie didn’t feed into Joseline but then again, she didn’t have much lines.

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