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New York radio DJ Mister Cee finally admitted on the air that he solicits transgender prostitutes for fellatio yesterday. Although it’s non of anyone’s business, it’s everybody has made comments about it.  Another celebrity to comment on Mister Cee’s sexual activity is “Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman.

Roman says she supports Cee for finally admitting his truth, but she did say she believes he needs to admit he’s bisexual. We’re not sure if she meant it to be, but she got a little snarky when she supported her statement with, “ You may enjoy the company of women as well, which would now make you bi-sexual. And that’s what he needs to openly admit because I know my straight boyfriends don’t want a man dressed in a wig to give them fellatio.”

Do you agree or disagree with Tami Roman’s statement? Sound off in the comments.



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