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When “New York Post” writer Stephanie Smith revealed she was the woman behind the blog 300 Sandwiches, the internet went nuts spewing their opinions about Smith and her strategy in getting her boyfriend to put a ring on it. She said the blog started when her boyfriend jokingly said, “You’re 300 sandwiches away from getting engaged.”

After their appearance on “Today,” the feminists of the internet attacked her for being subservient and all of those negative things. But I say we shouldn’t be mad at a woman who just wants to make a sandwich for her man without him having to give her the most earth shattering orgasm before hand.  However, I do believe turnabout is fair play so if she’s going to make me all of those sandwiches, the least I can do is make her one. Here are some the reasons I would make a sandwich for Stephanie Smith.

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1. She’s Fine

It’s an inconvenient truth for those considered to be unattractive, but you can get away with murder if you’re considered to be beautiful by the rest of the world. Fellas, how many times have you been messing with a chick you know is one screw away from being mentally unhinged, but justified it with a “She fine though!”? Although making 300 sandwiches in effort to get an engagement ring seems a little crazy, I’ll make her a sandwich just to see that smile travel across her face at least once. Beautiful women gotta eat too, right?

2. Her Man Looks A Little Off

I know I shouldn’t judge, but I wouldn’t be being myself if I didn’t judge a little bit. When Smith and her boyfriend appeared on “Today” earlier in the week, I thought dude looked like he’s more into lettuce puree smoothies rather than a legit meal that includes something edible. Okay, maybe that was too far. But you get the point. Dude looks more like a person who uses his sharp canine teeth to tear through the tough skin of a grapes and tomatoes.

3. She Needs A Little More Meat On Her Bones

I find Stephanie Smith to be a beautiful woman, but if I was to date her, she would need a little meat on those bones. She’s beautiful now, but with a little more meat on the hips would make her thicker than a Snicker. And I might not be a fan of the candy bar, but I’m willing to make an exception for her.

4. Because Black Love Is Beautiful



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