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Tia Mowry’s got a brand new role! If you’re around my age (I’m still a hot, young 20-something *winks*), then you grew up watching “Sister, Sister,” living through all the teenage angst Tia and her identical twin, Tamera so expertly displayed. Then seven years after we said goodbye to our favorite set of twins since The Olsens, Tia introduced us to “Med School,” aka “Melanie Barnett–” her “bipolar” football wife character who carried BET’s “The Game” story line for five full seasons. Tia decided to leave “The Game” and expand her acting horizon.

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That’s where Tia’s new show on Nickelodeon, “Instant Mom” comes in! Tia is playing “Stephanie,” a non-cooking food blogger, who is the stepmom to her new husband’s three children. “I feel like I am a fun, energetic, sassy mom. I’m not your traditional mom. I am applying that to my role–being fun and nurturing.” This is Tia’s her first acting role as a mother and it is already teaching her valuable lessons she can use on her adorable real-life son, Cree. First lesson? Tell your kids little white lies to keep their innocence, i.e. The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.

But what is going to set “Instant Mom” apart from all the other family shows on TV right now? Tia says, “I think the concept of the show is amazing. You don’t really see a lot of blended family with African-Americans. It’s really cool to see something very relatable. You hear a lot about women getting into relationships with men who [already] have kids.”

Check out our chat with Tia about her new role and her best dishes!

Fun Fact: Tia’s character, “Stephanie” cannot cook, but luckily, Tia can. Check out some of her best dishes!

Tia’s Best Non-Vegan Dish:

With a look of longing in her eyes, Tia detailed her favorite “former fat girl” dish, “Pasta baked with mascarpone cheese, all different types of cheeses, tortellini pasta with cheese in it!”

Tia’s Best Vegan Dish:

“Quinoa with bok choy, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, garlic, sesame oil, sea salt and pepper…”

Tia’s Guilty Pleasure Dessert:

Quinoa bar [she knows it sounds gross], but when they infuse it in agave and cacao, it’s delish!

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