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The University of Alabama recently came under fire for never allowing Black women to pledge in any of their sororities. So they did what any college looking for redemption would do–they started accepting Black students. University of Alabama’s president, Judy Bonner recently released a video detailing plans to diversify their sororities by “revamping” their discriminatory policies.

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Bonner says:

“Every sorority has reached out to a diverse group of young women to date, 200 bids have been offered during the past few weeks. One hundred and 45 women have accepted those bids. Twenty-three are minorities, including 14 African-Americans.

It is important to note that now 12 of our sororities have African-American members and all sororities have minority members. You can be assured that the Office of Greek Affairs will continue to work with both local chapters and national organizations to provide support for all members.

“Let me be clear: we have not reached out destination, but we are moving forward with resolve, energy and enthusiasm. We are determined. We are focused. We will succeed in creating and maintaining a welcoming and inclusive campus that is defined by access and opportunity.”

Bonner’s plan only plan to change sororities, but what about the entire Greek organizations as a whole. But at least the university is making some moves towards the right direction. Segregation is such a fossilized topic and has no place in America. And while this is great and all, I don’t know how I would feel to be one of the first Black women in a White sorority on University of Alabama’s campus.

I know it’s 2013, but I wouldn’t be able to think back to what my mom went through attempting to just go to school when they’d started integrating students. She was spit on, physically assaulted and much worse called every type of “N-word” insult her White counterparts could think up. I wonder if that is how the White people who now have to accept Black students in their organization feel? There’s got to be some type of feeling of resentment towards them because change of this sort is always uncomfortable, no matter the year, no matter the “progression.”


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