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We’ve all been there. That sore feeling of disappointment after that pair you waited months (or years) to release has slipped through your fingers, whether it was a failed RSVP attempt or the sneakers simply sold out in seconds online. That campout line around the block isn’t exactly encouraging either. Now, you’re faced with a tough decision. Do you suck it up and accept your loss or pay an inordinate amount to a reseller for a pair that was either already tried on to floss on social networks? If you can’t decide, there are other options.

Patience is a virtue. Other windows of opportunity may open for you in the very near future, as long as you keep your eyes and ears open and know where to look. We’ve provided a list of ways you can get your hands on kicks for retail, or in some cases below retail, without getting ripped off in the future.

5. Good People

Develop good relationships at sneaker events and local Facebook groups so favors can be returned with favors. It’s always nice to see people post “retail plus tax and shipping”.

4. Unclaimed RSVP

A lot of times, even hyped released pairs go unclaimed. Many RSVP’s at Niketown do not get picked up for numerous reasons. Some people RSVP from out of state and others just simply could not make it to the store within the time frame provided. These pairs then go unaccounted for and are up for grabs. Keep an eye on your local Niketown’s twitter account on release day for a second chance to RSVP.

3. Cancelled Payments

When sneakers go live at online stores such as Eastbay and Finish Line, many payments from customers do not clear. Some due to insufficient funds and others from a potential issue with a PayPal account. Wait a day or two after release date and call the retailer’s hotline. Ask a customer service representative about any unclaimed pairs due to non payment. This method may not always work, but it most certainly worth a try.

2. Factory Outlet Reports

Factory outlets are often a source of hidden gems. Many times, you can find sold out sneakers for under retail. One of the best ways of finding such deals are by following @sneakersteal and @kicksdeals on Twitter and Instagram. Another great course of action for finding Nikes and Jordans is contacting the company via the chat fear on their site. Simply provide the style/color code and size and a representative will gladly search nationwide for your pair, if available. The beauty of outlets is that many of them ship sneakers, so if you don’t live near an outlet with the pair you’re looking for, give them a call with your card number in hand and they will send them your way.

1. Restocks

Restocks on sold out and limited edition sneakers have become more and more frequent as of the past few years. Shoes such as Concords and Corks have been reposted on retail sites months after their initial release, so always be aware of these golden opportunities. Be sure to follow sites such as @NikeStore and @FinishLine on twitter and subscribe to mobile tweets to assure being one of the first to receive news on a restock.

Source: SneakersFreakers