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The problem with people when they get angry is they like to tear up their own stuff. I’m sorry, but if you do me dirty and I don’t know how to react but to start smashing fragile home decor, best believe it’s going to be at your house and your home decor will be ruined. A man experienced that sort of anger where he didn’t know what to do, but break something. however, he didn’t follow my lead, he tore up his own stuff–his house to be exact.

A man came home to find his wife in the middle of the mattress mambo with another man and went ballistic. Instead of fighting the guy or punching a wall, dude got in his SUV and drove it straight into his house. Yes, it’s the very same house he shares with his wife-the only house he has.

So now instead of being without a wife, dude no longer has a wife, house, or car. That sucks big time. Check the video below.



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