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Right smack dab in the middle of a ridiculous government shutdown, Capitol Hill was locked down, after reports that gunshots were heard around the building. The lock down has now been lifted and the suspect was killed. According to reports, a woman has been reportedly killed and a police officer injured after a car chase and shooting near the White House and Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Al Jazeera was told that the female driver tried to ram the security barricades at the entrance to the White House with her car, and was then chased about 2km towards the Capitol Hill area.

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According to CNN, Capital Police have issued a “shelter in place” order, which basically means for people to take cover in a safe location. There are still no reports on how many shots, but witnesses are stating they heard a couple dozen shots as they were in the area. The shots were heard near Hart Sen. Office Building. The Capitol Police have also announced an “active shooter” situation. The Reuters news agency reported several injuries, while the AP news agency said that one police officer had been injured. It’s being reported that the Capitol Police service advised everyone in the area to “close, lock and stay away from external doors and windows.”

The Senate chamber was locked with staff inside. Senate leaders were locked in their offices. Could they have been making decisions on the shutdown?!

The last time Capitol Hill was locked down was in the wake of a deadly shooting about a half-mile away at the Washington Navy Yard. We’re hoping this shooting isn’t at all similar.

We wonder if this shooting as anything to do with the government shutdown? Almost a million government workers are off without pay. This could certainly cause people to be disgruntled and flat out pissed off. We will keep you updated as more news unfolds.

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