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Samantha Scheibe is the “blonde” woman who willingly dates George Zimmerman–the man known for admittedly slaying unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin (who was simply walking home in the rain). But who is she? We could assume a lot of things about her. We could assume that because she’s willing to date a man like George Zimmerman, that she’s got low self-esteem. We could assume that because she knows her man killed Trayvon Martin, that she also doesn’t care about the life of that young Black boy. We could even assume that she makes really awful decisions in her love life. But what do we actually know about Samantha?

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From all the reports, we know that she and Zimmerman were involved in an argument that escalated to Zimmerman allegedly pointing his double barrel shotgun at her and then shoved her out of the house. The Seminole County Sheriff is reporting that Samantha called 911 in the middle of the argument, switching between yelling at Zimmerman and screaming at the dispatcher.

As soon as I heard about the woman who was booed up with Zimmerman, I passed judgment. Forgive me, but I needed to know who, in their right mind, would date George Zimmerman–a symbol of racist and invincible hate? A woman named Samantha Scheibe would.

Here’s a few things you need to know about Samantha Scheibe:

1. Samantha is not pregnant by Zimmerman. During Samantha and Zimmerman’s spat, Zimmerman called 911 and during his call, he claimed Samantha was “going crazy” and is pregnant with his child. “She told me that it was better if she’s pregnant with our child and she told me it was better if we co-parented and she raised the child on her own,” Zimmerman can be heard saying on his 911 call. Authorities have disputed Zimmerman’s claims and confirmed that Samantha is not pregnant.

2. Samantha was warned about being in a relationship with Zimmerman. It’s being reported that friends of Scheibe feared there would be problems between her and Zimmerman. “I think we all knew something like this might happen,” a friend who identified herself only as Olivia told the Daily Mail. “’We would all talk about where the relationship was going, and we knew it would end badly. He is just a time bomb waiting to go off. Look at all the run-ins he has had with police and his family. He has big issues.” But like a young, lost girl in love, Samantha ignored the warnings and stayed.

3. Samantha was thrust into the spotlight after being revealed as George Zimmerman’s girlfriend during Zimmerman’s dispute with his estranged wife, Shellie Zimmerman and her father. Samantha chose to date a public man, but wants her life to be private. She changed her profile picture to a blank white box on her Facebook account. She also hasn’t posted any tweets on her Twitter account, where Zimmerman’s brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr., is among the people she’s following.

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