Peter Gunz vs. Erica Mena

Last night was the Peter Gunz show. After revealing that he only agreed to sit down with Erica Mena to stroke his friend Rich Dollaz’s ego, he, Amina, Rich and Mena joined each other for a bite to eat that resulted in a plate being thrown at his face. (Not that we’re complaining, he had that coming via karma). According to Mena, Gunz is the reason she and Rich broke up last season, totally ignoring the fact that she cheated and played him but hey, we won’t focus on that.

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As soon as Mena laid eyes on Gunz she turned up (as expected) and vice versa. After hurling insult after insult at one another, the final straw that ticked Mena off was when he called her a “nasty, funky b***h” and she reacted by launching her plate at him.

In the forthcoming episode Gunz gives Rich an ultimatum asking him to choose between their friendship and Erica Mena and given Rich’s track record, we’re sure he’ll wiggle his way back to Mena.

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