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If you are going to be anyone’s side piece, make sure their partner doesn’t work with the two of you. It gets really messy and even dangerous. Just take this case for example, a doctor found out her husband was cheating on her with one of their co-workers and broke into the side chicks house and redecorated in a way that most certainly wouldn’t be appreciated.


42-year-old Angela Siler-Fisher was enjoying her successful job as the medical director of the Ben Taub General Hospital in Houston when she found out her husband, a radiologist at the hospital was having an affair with a woman in his department, Marcelle Mallery. This made Angela Siler-Fisher so angry that she did things that will most likely land her in some judicial court. Siler-Fisher went off on her husband. After reading her husband the riot act, Siler-Fisher set her sights on Mallery’s home.

Siler-Fisher’s husband called his mistress and warned her that his wife was on her way over to the residence and was on the warpath. Mallery became frightened and got her children together and got the hell out of dodge. While en route to Mallery’s home, the distraught woman called Mallery with threats that she was “going to beat her f*cking ass whore” and “dislocate her vagina.” Siler-Fisher arrived to Mallery’s home and kicked in a little doggy door to gain entrance in to the home. Upon gaining access, Siler-Fisher texted Mallery a photo of her bedroom and wrote the words “Whore” and “Homewrecker” o the bathroom mirror in red lipstick. Although Siler-Fisher was pissed all the way off, she had enough presence of mind to make sure Mallery practiced safe sex with her husband. She left a condom on each step in the home.

Needless to say, Angela Siler-Fisher was later arrested for her madness.



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