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Former Clipse manager Anthony “Geezy” Gonzales was sentenced to 32 years in prison this week after being found guilty for drug trafficking.

While in court, Gonzales expressed his remorse to family and friends.

The sentence comes after Gonzales, 34, struck a deal with prosecutors in November. He was facing an 82-count indictment for drug trafficking and allegedly distributing more than 100 pounds of cocaine. During sentencing, a remorseful Gonzales said, “I just want to say that I’m sorry to my family and I’m sorry to the community.” Although Gonzales took full responsibility for the charges he was still sentenced to 32 years, which is the minimum sentence based off federal guidelines. At press time neither Pusha T nor Malice were available for comments. (XXL Mag)

Clipse’s Malice recently spoke on the manager’s legal troubles.

“The show don’t stop, we know what we gotta do,” Malice said in an interview. “So we’re out here doing it. The situation has been hard as well as heartbreaking. But I got the faith everything is gonna work out for the best. I believe everything happens for a reason. We still take care of our fam. We never leave our fam behind.” (MTV)

Details surrounding his guilty plea deal with prosecutors landed online in early October.

Drug kingpin Anthony Gonzalez struck an unusual deal with federal prosecutors Tuesday: In exchange for his guilty plea, prosecutors promised not to charge four family members in the $10 million drug conspiracy that Gonzalez oversaw. He admitted to distributing more than a half-ton of cocaine and nearly a ton of marijuana over the past five years until his arrest in April. He and his associates traveled to Florida, the Southwest and even to Panama to obtain the drugs. Gonzalez admitted in court that he led the organization “in a very careful and deliberative manner,” according to a statement of facts he signed in court. (The Virginian Pilot)

The rap duo’s former manager was one of seven individuals indicted on multiple drug charges last April.

The suspects include the owner of a former club that allegedly served as the drug ring’s base. They are charged with distributing more than a ton of marijuana and more than 100 pounds of cocaine. An unidentified police officer is listed in the indictment as a co-conspirator. According to the indictment, the officer fed information about the ongoing investigation to the club’s owner. (Daily Press)

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