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Alex Black Ink CrewFrom a couch, being on a reality show seems like easy money. However, being on said show opens you up to be judged by the unforgiving virtual public. Because of such situation, the producers of hit VH1 reality show “Black Ink Crew” are being sued by a former cast member Alex Estevez. Estevez was the receptionist for the tattoo shop in the first season. However, she claims she left the show because some producers slipped her a date rape drug and made her look very promiscuous on camera.


Alex Estevez filed a lawsuit against Big Fish Entertainment and New Pop Culture Productions over the way she was portrayed in an episode in season two called “Mixxxy Madness.” In the episode, Alex is drunk beyond belief and she is seen throwing herself at the owner of the shop Caesar, whose girlfriend Dutchess also worked at the tattoo shop.  Alex alleges the reason she was acting out of character was because before the scene was shot, a producer handed her a drink that had a roofie in it and she didn’t even know it. Estevez says she doesn’t remember a thing from that night because of the tainted drink.

Alex is also angry that the editors of the show edited it to make her appear extra slutty. She says she quit the show in June of 2012 because she was so horrified after the incident. Alex’s friend Erica, who has never appeared on the show, claims she was also hit with the date rape drug. She and Alex are suing for a million dollars.

Producers of “Black Ink Crew” haven’t responded to the suit as of yet.



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