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So we imagine by now that when we tell you that Kanye West went on a wild eyed crazy rant during a “Yeezus“show…you are all probably looking at your screens and thinking…yes…and water is wet and knives are sharp…in other words duh…he doesn’t seem to do much else these days.

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Take a look at yet another instance of Ye looking like he’s a few sandwiches short of a picnic via the  TMZ  video below.





We guess Kanye’s incoherent rantings are something we have all just gotten used to. He’s literally becoming crazy uncle Kanye at this point. You know…like that one uncle you had growing up that scared all the little kids in your family and lived in the basement at your Big Mama’s house….yep…that guy.

Somehow he still doesn’t get that nobody cares about his nervous breakdowns on stage anymore…maybe that is the real reason that he has allegedly been having such a hard time selling tickets to his shows….or maybe it’s the fact that the fans didn’t really seem to like the Yeezus album at all. Or maybe it’s that they are sick of the gimmicks like the confederate flag popping up on his merchandise. Or maybe…Ye’s antics are literally causing him to jump the shark…but if he doesn’t cut all this goofy foolishness out and stop acting thirsty for attention…he is going to get EXACTLY what he asked for…we will all shut up….stop talking about him altogether.

Because whether he realizes it or not…if we all go “radio silent” on him…it won’t be because he was on a stage yelling “shut the F*** up” and telling us to…it will be because NO ONE CARES about what he is doing musically anymore and they stop looking to hear about him.  Mr. West…maybe the real reason you are freakin out on stage is because you already know all of this…and you know that you are on borrowed time right now. Tic Toc…

Oh and one last thing…Kanye wants to know what Sway and Charlamagne ever did in their lives? Well we know of one thing they both did that Kanye seems to be forgetting….they broke and played KANYE’S music on air…when nobody wanted him to rap. They only wanted him  to produce and make beats. But maybe Kanye forgot that part because it’s been SO LONG since he had a really great Hip Hop album…just sayin.



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