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CONRAD-MURRAY-JOBWe live in a strange world where the truth is stranger than fiction. We couldn’t have made the up. The man who “involuntarily” helped Michael Jackson die has gotten a great new job.

Dr. Conrad Murray recently accepted a job with the Minister of Health of Trinidad. As part of Murray’s new position, he’ll be working with children with heart problems and doing consultation work with local heart surgeons. While him working in the medical field again after his involvement in Michael Jackson’s death is very questionable, the Jackson family can find a little solace in the fact he won’t be getting paid as this is a volunteer position for Murray.


Despite the job being on a volunteer basis, Dr. Conrad Murray believes he can leverage this into a paying gig. The country of Trinidad wants Murray to use his contacts in the United States medical arena to help improve the healthcare of sick Trinidadian children.

What’s weird about this is Murray actually has some support in the United States in spite of having his medical license revoked in Texas and suspended in California and Nevada. When Conrad Murray worked as cardiologist in the U.S., he was beloved by all of his patients except fore his most famous–Michael Jackson.

What do you think of this latest development in the life of Conrad Murray?



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