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BenzinoA few days ago, Benzino‘s nephew Gai Scott was arraigned in court for shooting his uncle following Benzino’s mother’s funeral. During the arraignment, Gai Scott said he shot Benzino in self defense because he was scared for his life. Benzino is calling bs on those claims.

According to Gai Scoot, he shot his uncle Benzino following a funeral in self defense because Gai, his mother Maureen, and Benzino have been arguing over Benzino’s mother’s home. Benzino alleged his sister Maureen and her son Gai had been taking out loans against the house without his mother’s knowledge. Things apparently came to a head at the funeral.


Once Benzino heard his nephew plead not guilty and said the shooting was in self defense, he couldn’t believe it. Zino took to his Instagram account to share his disbelief. The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star posted, “So the person that shot me got arraigned in court today and admitted to shooting me, smdh ain’t that something? But through out this whole ordeal, I’ve been a stand up guy, So make sure you read this carefully to understand what I’m saying, he said he shot me in self defense but I was unarmed and I got shot in the back. Now you tell me…… This whole situation is unbelievable and it’s a shame.”

Judging from how vocal Benzino has been about the whole ordeal, we expect this to play out ion an ugly mess all in the public eye. You remember Benzino gave a press conference from the hospital bed. So this playing out in the court of public opinion is more than likely.



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