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Heyyy Maid! You just knew…that the shade was going to be epic when Love & Hip Hop‘s  Joseline shared her opinion about her co-star MiMi Faust  and the now notorious sex tape with Nikko! As we previously reported, Love & Hip Hop’s MiMi and Nikko made a sex tape that is being released via Vivid Entertainment and the internets are losing their collective minds over it! And ummm….NOT in a good way either.

But through all of the slander that Nikko and MiMi are receiving….none is more severe than that coming from Miss Joseline who took to her Twitter account to bash MiMi!


Says Hernandez,


“If you going to f*** on camera at least be a freak, not a boring 45 year ol lady. What they got this hoe under. Granny porn?”

“Don’t be scared now you let them set you up I been knew about that hoe like I know about every hoe now your hoe gona get That a**woop.”

Oops….Now DISCUSS!!


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