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Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal are the best of frenemies. The two retired NBA vets have enjoyed a long-standing rivalry that extends back to their time on the basketball court. These days the bald and bold former athletes  spend their time trading jabs as basketball commentators on TNT and it’s often more entertaining than the games. When they aren’t going at over who has more rings (Shaq 4, Charles 0) the two big men are snapping on their respective weight, endorsements and fighting skills.

Here are’s Top 5 Shaq vs Charles Barkley moments.

5) BASKETBRAWL: In 1999 Charles Barkley began his last season in the NBA as a member of the Houston Rockets. During a November 10th game against their Western Conference rivals The L.A. Lakers things got chippy under the basket.

During one chippy play O’Neal blocked a layup by Barkley then shoved him, prompting Barkley to throw the ball at O’Neal. Both mean were ejected from the game and the Lakers won 89-88.

4) TWEET DECKS: A dominant social media presence, Shaq looks for any chance to snap on Sir Charles on Twitter, especially since Barkley doesn’t have an account.  On March 27th he wrote:

“Charles Barkley, your belly looks tired, you should rest [it] on the desk…”

Charles retaliated by making fun of the fact that Shaq makes money pushing products that make you fat.

“Oh my god, If [O’Neal] ever got my bank account, he would just kill himself,” Barkley said. “He’s on every commercial. He’s got enough lotion to last him the rest of his life. … [He’s] got that cream soda, spreading diabetes all across the world, as we speak. Got like 50 grams of soda in one can of that cream soda.”

On another occasion Shaq went on Instagram and posted a pic of Charles as a baby holding an iPad. Again, since he is not on social media he couldn’t respond there. So Conan O’Brien gave him an assist. Charles followed up with another slam dunk at Shaq’s endorsements with this 1-2 punch.

“I figured out why he keeps rubbing lotion all over his body, so he can fit his fat ass in a Buick.”

3) KUNG-FU HUSTLE : Charles has been training for MMA and decided take on Shaq-Fu in the most awkward moment in sports commentating history.


2) GENIE IN A BOTTLE: The Big Aristotle tried to get philosophical during one broadcast by quoting advice from Michael Jordan and Barkley snapped back that he should have advised him against making “Kazaam,” the 1996 box office dud where Shaq plays a genie.

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1) TRUTH HURTS: During one of Shaq’s many rants against All-Star center Dwight Howard, Barkley tells Shaq he’d have no rings without Kobe Bryant and Rick Fox.

“If it wasn’t for Kobe Bryant, you wouldn’t have everything,” Barkley said. “Why don’t you walk over to NBA TV studios and thank Rick Fox for getting you those rings?”

Shaq had no response.

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