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BmFGW1AIEAASuw4_zps4da897c8Remember when Pebbles threatened to sue EVERYBODY involved with “The TLC Story” after it aired on VH1 last year? And she spilled all the piping hot tea on “The Wendy Show” soon after? Well, she’s made good on her promise. Pebbles is taking Viacom, VH1’s parent company, to task over what she claims is a false story that defames her character. Pebbles has been speaking out about the alleged falseities in the VH1 TV movie, despie VH1 putting out a disclaimer that the movie was LOOSELY based on a true story. The movie shed light on what allegedly went down with the members of TLC and why they went bankrupt, which appeared to be due to the lies and stealing done by their manager Pebbles.