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twerking arrest

(From left to right) Brittney Medak, Coura Velazquez and Leokham Yothsombath. Photo: Washington County Jail

Three women who were twerking in front of Beaverton City Hall in Oregon were arrested after they were found to be in possession of drugs.

According to, Coura Velazquez came to municipal court to pay a fine for a warrant. After she paid the fine, she began twerking in front of City Hall with two of her friends. Velazquez and friend Brittney Medak, both from Vancouver, also reportedly exposed their genitals while twerking, and Medak actually lifted her skirt and urinated between two cars. Their friend, 22-year-old Leokham Yothsombath, filmed the entire incident with her cell phone as several court employees watched.

Police later searched Medak’s car and found evidence of several drug-related crimes. Medak was charged with disorderly conduct, offensive littering, tampering with drug records, possession of prescription drugs schedule 4 and possession of marijuana. Velazquez faces charges of disorderly conduct, possession of prescription drugs schedule 2 and possession of methamphetamine. Yothsombath is charged with possession of cocaine, possession of prescription drugs schedule 4, tampering with drug records and possession of marijuana.

All this because of twerking!



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