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So let’s talks about last nights episode of Jeopardy and how things went terribly wrong for contestant Roger Craig. The moment happened when fellow opponent Ken Jennings baited Roger into wagering all his earnings during a daily double answer.

If you’re unaware this week on everyone’s favorite game game show Jeopardy its the battle of the decades, two of the show most successful contestants in Jeopardy’s history faced off but for Roger Craig things went south quickly. Craig’s Jeopardy strategy is pretty simple, go hunting for Daily Double and bet a handful of money. While building a large lead he happened to land on one of those Daily Doubles and then Ken Jenning dares Roger to gamble everything and then this happened.

Roger Craig got iced by Jennings, he gets the question wrong, he eventually ends up in the negative and doesn’t make it to the Final Jeopardy.


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