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jeremy ray meeks

It looks like Jeremy Meeks has had a whole bunch of practice taking the perfect mugshot.

Becoming the hottest, modelesque felon ever in the history of the Internet doesn’t come easy! Anyone that’s taken a selfie know that it takes a few tries to find your light and lock in the perfect angle.

Apparently, mugshots are no different! reports that the Jeremy took a few test shots before he landed the perfect one. He’s been in prison twice before his 2014 arrest.

Back in 2002, when he had an afro, Jeremy was charged with robbery and corporal injury to a minor after he jumped 16-year-old. He copped a plea deal, adimitting that he was a Crip, and did two years in a California prison.

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Jeremy later moved to Spokane, Washington, but he returned to lockup in 2007 on charges of identity theft and resisting arrest. Security guards at a sporting goods store caught him trying to steal a package of pellets, and Jeremy threatened them by screaming, “I’ll f*ck you all up!”

The guards pepper sprayed him before calling authorities. Jeremy was convicted and sentenced to more time behind bars.

Jeremy, of course, got out, but now he’s facing charges for weapons and street terrorism.


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