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notebook-gunBad things happen when the G code is not respected. A man in Arizona is sitting behind bars regretting his decision to retaliate against his brother for not respecting the G code. Christopher Michael Wasar was arrested for killing his older brother. Christopher allegedly shot his brother because the older brother had recently started sleeping with Christopher’s ex, but there’s more to the story.

According to reports, 39-year-old Christopher Wasar shot his older brother Matthew Wasar, 45, in the chest. Matthew Wasar’s roommate Brady McGonigle called the police and by the time authorities arrived on the scene, Matthew was unconscious. However, he was pronounced dead on arrival at a local hospital. McConigle initially called the police because Christopher and his ex-wife Jessica Wasar forced their way into the apartment earlier that afternoon.  This is where things get interesting.

Christopher Wasar was pissed off to high hell at his brother because Matthew Wasar had began sleeping with Christopher’s ex-wife. Matthew moved in with his roommate in an attempt to hide from his younger brother. However, Jessica and Christopher arrived to the apartment so that Jessica could retrieve some items she stole from Christopher and gave to Matthew while they were having an affair.

Jessica and Christopher forced their way into the apartment and McGonigle attempted to scare them off by grabbing a samurai sword. McGonigle dropped the sword when Christopher threatened to kill him with the Glock 17 handgun he had on him. McGonigle was held at gunpoint while Jessica Wasar searched the home for whatever items she intended to collect. The couple left the apartment five minutes after storming in and McGonigle immediate called the police when they left.

The couple didn’t get too far because as they were leaving, they spotted Matthew Wasar in a car and went to confront him. Christopher walked up to the car, opened the passenger door and pointed the gun in his brother’s face. Matthew quickly got out of the car and an argument ensued. Christopher was seen punching Matthew in the face right before shooting him in the chest.

During his interrogation, Christopher Wasar said he shot his brother in self defense because the older Wasar charged at him. However, all of the witnesses including Jessica Wasar refuted that claim.

The Wasar brother’s father said his sons have always had a love/hate relationship?



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