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According to Vlad TV,  journalists have been looking through rapper Troy Ave’s tweets over the last few years and he seems to continuously ask the same troubling question over…and over…and over again in a myriad of different ways. And none of them are good.

Vlad TV reports that journalist Craig Jenkins is leading the charge against Troy Ave and posted tweets dating back to 2009 that ask some questions that are so vile, we can’t  make ourselves repeat them. Take a look at the tweets below!

Image:  Image #2

Image:  Image #3

Image:  Image #4Image:  Image #5

We don’t know what this is about and we’re afraid to even hazard a guess.

But we do know that there are going to be a whole lot of crushed fans as this story continues to make the rounds. The venom and hate is frightening.  And to have said it constantly for so long…makes it even worse.

Rule #1 of becoming a “star”…delete anything that can make you look crazy in the public eye.

Anyone who has a LGBT or challenged family member of any type is going to feel a way about this…and justifiably so. It’s hurtful and so disheartening. But to ask that about kids…all the time? Why anyone would speak in such a way about children baffles the imagination. We don’t know people who sit around and fixate on hateful topics toward children…and for good reason.


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