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When rapper Tyga wrote “Rack City,” he made one of the most vulgar songs ever and his mother still loves him no matter how explicit his music is.

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel invited Tyga’s mother on the show for a segment called “Words From Your Mother.” The segment centers around Kimmel bringing the parents of artists who make vulgar songs and have the parent recite the lyrics. Tyga’s mother had the pleasure of rapping the words to her son’s strip club anthem “Rack City” and the results were hilarious. After performing some of the most vulgar bars, Momma Tyga shows her son she’s got his back while embarrassing him in one breath.

“That’s my Bookie. I love him,” Momma Tyga said as she shook her head.

Jimmy Kimmel would be a legend if he could get The Ying Yang Twins mothers on camera to recite the lyrics to “Wait (The Whisper Song).”

And side note: Heeeeeey, Momma Tyga!

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