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Todd Bridges Robin Williams

Let’s be clear, everyone knows that Todd Bridges of “Different Strokes” fame, has not had it easy in life by any means. But how wounded is he as a human being that he would comment negatively on the passing of the beloved actor/comedian Robin Williams  just moments after everyone learned of his passing?

According to TMZ, Bridges took to his Twitter account and whined about how he’s had a hard time too but didn’t take what he implies is the “easy way out”.

Said Todd,

 “You don’t think that my life has been hell and I’ve had so many ups and downs now. If I did that what am i showing my children that when it gets tough that’s the way out No you gotta buckle down ask God to help you. That’s when prayer really comes into effect. Rest in peace Robin Williams I hope you found what you were looking for.”

First of all depression is not something that can just be prayed away. No one knows what Robin was going through or what made him chose to do what he did. Nor is it for any of us to judge. This topic is beyond touchy and it’s insensitive at best for it to be discussed that way.

If we recall correctly, we once heard that the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum. What might be right for you, may not be right for some. In other words, Todd never walked a mile in Robin’s shoes and probably shouldn’t be commenting on his pain. Todd of all people should know how that feels. And for the record, while he’s calling Robin selfish there are most certainly people calling Todd selfish as well as thirsty for attention for making those comments in the first place.

So in the words of Todd,

“Todd Bridges, hope you found what you were looking for.”

Way to stay classy Todd.






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