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RHOA Support Demetria McKinney @demimckinney At Video Release Party [GALLERY]


(ATLANTA, GA) – August 14, 2014- Wednesday Demetria McKinney celebrated the release of her video “100” featuring Da Brat at Atlanta’s Harlem Night Club. Several celebrities were in attendance including: RHOA Porsha Stewart, Kenya Moore, Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks, Cynthia Bailey, Peter Thomas, and Apollo Nida, LHHATL MiMi Faust, Atlanta Radio Personality Eboni Steele and Claudia Jordan (Rickey Smiley Show), Atlanta Celebrity Hair Stylist Derek J, Xscape’s Tamika Scott, DJ Fadelf, LaLa Full Court Dice Dixon and gf Gocha, Big Rich Atlanta Sabrina Rowe, Kontrol Magazine Editor Julian Lark, Atlanta Rapper Kore Stacks and many other Atlanta based celebs and socialites.

The event was brought to you by Publicist Jakeem Smith and S.T.E.P.S. Events. Specials thanks to Status Vodka for providing spirits to all the guests.


Lifetime Adds More Cast Members to Aaliyah Biopic!

Despite protests from Aaliyah’s family and having to replace their main star, Lifetime seems to be pushing ahead with the biopic on the singer’s life.

The network has added two new members to the cast. Chattrisse Dolabaille and Izaak Smith have been called upon to take on the roles of entertainers Missy Elliott and Timbaland in the film.


Now, no shade to the people over at Lifetime, but how in the world could you get Missy Elliott from looking at Dolabaille?? Smith may slide by as Timbaland, but I’m just not seeing it for Ms. Chattrisse as Missy!  Sorry!

What do you guys think? Are you convinced?

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[WOTSN EXCLUSIVE] @IamMsBoTalley Talks #BallingForLupus Basketball Game & #MikeBrown’s Murder [AUDIO]

In an effort to make sure keeps our viewers informed on everything from entertainment to news you can use, Contributor, Kenya K. spoke with WNBA Wife, CEO & Philanthropist Bo Talley to discuss the 1st Annual “Balling For Lupus” Charity  Female Celebrity Basketball Game.

bo Talley1-WOTSN

During the conversation Bo Talley discussed the steps it took to prepare for the game, the special individuals that will be honored at the event and the All-Star line up of female celebrities that will help her promote Lupus Awareness.


Talley also took the time to talk about the recent murder of Mike Brown that has Black America shocked once again. Check out what Bo Talley had to say……HERE


Was KimYe Throwing Shade At JayOnce?

Sooo Word On The Streetz Izzzz… yall got too much damned time on yall hands!  Sooo I guess since the royal Jayonce was in that Mortal Combat scandal on the elevator with Solange Kang, no one is allowed to mention the word elevator let alone take a picture in one!


Yesterday Mrs. Kim Kardashian West posted a picture of her and hubby Mr. Kanye West playing kissy face in an elevator with the caption Elevator Kiss:


Lawd what they do that for cause next thing you know here comes the “Bey-Hive” with they swarming a**es stirring the honey pot swearing it was SHHHAAADDDEEE at the Carters… Why do you people want the Carters and Wests to hate each other so bad?


I hate to be the bearer of bad news but everybody aint worried about the Carters the way yall want them to be… The Wests got a check too boo and are really in their own lane and own world so let it go!  I’m normally ready to go in on that *Kitch Kim K and all her ridiculousness but this time yall messy a**es on yall own!  Find something else to buzz and swarm about cause this is just plain dumb… Both couples are clearly winning so how about yall focus on doing the same!

*Kitch (noun/verb): a term I made up used to describe “those Kardashian B*tches” as I know we all call them… lol


Word On The Streetz: Da Brat & Allen Iverson Rekindling Romance

Sooo Word On The Streetz izzz… Da Brat may be getting that old thang back!  Over this past weekend Ms. Funkdafied was seen partying with her ex boo Allen Iverson in ATL at Club Prive!


Lets rewind boys and girls… Sooo way back in the day when Mr. Iverson was still in the NBA and MARRIED he reportedly was creeping with Brat and even contemplated leaving his then wife Tawanna!  Apparently the 2 used to meet up for rendezvous at So So Def Studios and its said that the wife knew about Brat for years!


Girrlll no this is the JUICE… when Mrs. Iverson filed for divorce in 2012 she requested names and numbers of  all the women he had an affair with and apparently Da B-R-A-T was at the top of the side chick list!


Don’t be fooled by the baggy clothes and ish Brat wears cause under all that is a sexy a** woman named Shawntae Harris and clearly she knows how to be “Funkdafied” in the streets and still “Give It To You” in the sheets! Lol


Well as always in the mean time WOTSN will be watching these two and yall know why… cause THEY AINT SLICK!

*Photocredit: Sandra Rose, Da Brat IG (@sosobrat)

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