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November 14th is always a hard day for fans of the social media sensation Messy Mya(Anthony Burre).  Today marks 4 years since the YouTube celebrity was gunned down on a street corner in New Orleans’ 7th Ward at just 22 years old.


Word of his death spread via Twitter and soon a picture of Burre’s slain body made its way onto the internet, almost as quickly as the tributes and condolences for the budding star.  Mya’s YouTube channel went viral overnight giving him notoriety, but all due to unfortunate circumstances.  Eerily, just days before his death, Burre left a comment on a deceased friend’s Facebook wall saying, “I’ll be there soon“.


Unfortunately, 4 years later, Mya’s killer is still at large.  John Baptiste Hamilton, originally charged with the murder, was released from prison last year after only serving three years.  All charges against Hamilton were dropped due to new evidence.


Known for his street comedy, fierce hair color and hilarious reads, Burre was surely on his way to super stardom when his life was taken senselessly.   Today, we honor him for being one of the first and most original acts to tap into the phenomenon of social media.

Continue to Rest In Love. We Salute You!

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