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Two words for this entire situation…ohh and boy!

Wendy Williams is probably going to have her highest rated show ever tomorrow because audiences were fuming Saturday night after seeing the highly anticipated “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B.” movie that she executive produced for the Lifetime network.

Now…before we saunter over to the dark side to show you what is being said about the movie, take a look at what Alexandra Shipp (the actress who portrayed Aaliyah) had to say about playing the role on Friday’s Wendy Williams Show below!



Miss Ship seems like a sweet girl and you really wanted to root for her with this movie…but…the movie was sort of like Luther Vandross‘s jheri curl…it just never quite…got it right!

Everything from the casting, the wardrobe, the actual pronunciation of Aaliyah’s name, her hairstyle, music, and actual facts were either off or patently false or wrong.

Take a look at one of the kinder reviews that the biopic received below.



The most uncomfortable part of the movie was watching the relationship between Aaliyah and R. Kelly. In fact many of us kept waiting for Aaliyah to offer him some cookies and iced tea so that Dateline’s To Catch A Predator host Chris Hansen could make his entrance. It felt that creepy inside to watch it. No one really wants to think about a 15-year-old Aaliyah being groomed by a 27-year-old Kelly. Even if they probably should.

The relationship between Aaliyah and Dame Dash didn’t quite get the facts straight either. Or as some would say it was straight up wrong! We won’t jump into that debate though!

Famed producer Timbaland got on social media and lit in to those who put the movie out. However, he took much happiness in seeing the internets shred everyone concerned with the project. In fact, before the end of the night he too was posting memes like the following one onto his Facebook!


Take a look at some of what happened on Twitter after the movie premiered below!


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Well, you get the point! Bottom line it didn’t go well and now the world will be glued to their TV’s to see what Williams has to say about it!

What say you? Did you like the movie or do you think it was garbage like so many others? Take our poll and have your say!

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