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Alexandra Shipp

Some huge casting has been announced for X-Men Apocalypse, and the news has tinged excitement for the film with a little caution.

Director Bryan singer revealed on Twitter this week that Alexandra Shipp has been picked up to play a younger version of Storm in the film. It’s always nice to see a talented young sister catch a break in Hollywood, but it’s hard to be really jazzed about this.

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After her work in that dreadful Aaliyah biopic, though, there is some fear that her role will be decidedly less fantastic than some fans had hoped. Of course, even a great actor can only do so much with a terrible script, but we’re not sure what to expect out of Alexandra when the cameras start rolling for the latest X-Men flick.

Since this film will feature a storyline centered in the past, this would have been an amazing chance to cast a relatively unknown actress for the role. However, it seems that producers were going for bigger names in their casting as Sophie Turner from “Game of Thrones” has also signed on to play Jean Grey.

The other concern is that Alexandra’s casting could mean that Storm will have a pretty minimal presence in X-Men: Apocalypse. She’s barely been seen in the recent movies about the heroic band of mutants.

Ah, well. Storm fans will simply have to wait and see how this turns out. Here’s hoping Alexandra surprises us!


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