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Stacey Dash slayed us again with her ridiculous views on the world. But this time, a line might’ve been crossed. On the FOX News show Outnumbered, Dash and other news commentators talked about how the University of Virginia’s sorority sisters have been asked by national chapters to stay away from fraternity parties, a new proposal to prevent college rapes. The sororities have since protested, saying it should be their right to go where they please, and Dash challenged the notion that these girls would even know better in the first place:

“I just think it’s ridiculous, and I think that for the girls, it’s a good thing, for the good girls–or women–to be told stay home. Be safe. The other bad girls–bad women–or the ones who like to be naughty, might go out and play. And get hurt. But then the other thing about this is that it [they] then blame it on the alcohol instead of the person who over-drinks. So it’s like the same thing with guns. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Alcohol doesn’t get you drunk. You get yourself drunk.”

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It’s like Dash was trying to make a point but got caught in her own web of madness. Based on her analogy of people-do-this and inanimate-things-don’t-do that, who rapes people then? Who or what gang-raped Jackie on UVA’s campus? Was it the Hennessy that violated her or the boys that did it? When anyone gets sexually assaulted, abused and raped, is it the chemicals in the alcohol that did it, or the nefarious behavior of the human being? Give us a damn break Stacey! What’s gotten into her? Her statement was the equivalent of the old and still stupid as hell adage of “she was asking for it” because of her outfit. STOP IT.

Even if a woman gets too drunk for her own good, that will never, ever be a plausible reason on planet Earth to get raped. The victim-shaming that was executed on Outnumbered was appalling. So did Jackie or those women who all came out to accuse Bill Cosby get what they were looking for because they were wasted according to Stacey’s math?

And the ugly truth about the overall statements made in this episode and is that FOX News, are not alone. There is a quiet storm of criticism and victim-shaming in America towards women in uncomfortable situations at times, and we especially see this in cases of domestic and sexual abuse. “Well what did she do? What was she wearing? She obviously can’t handle her liquor.” It still doesn’t make it right that they could possibly or end up suffering these terrible circumstances.

And in regards to the campuses trying to deflate situations like college rape, we understand the motive in trying to dissuade the urge to drink by peer pressure in suggesting not being in its presence at all. And even the sororities, as much as we stand with them against college rape, these young women should recognize the dangers of drinking too hard and the reality of not always having a good buddy to make sure you get some safe. For those of us that have been to college parties, they can get pretty wild and not everyone, girl or boy, is going to have your back.

Here is what the sorority issued against the anti-fraternity ban:

It takes away choice, and a women’s choice over her own safety and over her own body and I think it codifies women as sex objects. Just completely take the women out of the equation for their own good.

What UVA, sororities and fraternities across American should try to do is talk to their students in large or smaller groups about why they there is this great want to drink–or better yet, get drunk–and ask these young people directly why is it that when they see someone in need of a friend or support system when overly intoxicated that situations like the UVA incident occur. Victim-shaming and trying to ban where people can and can’t go isn’t going to work. To paraphrase fellow whacko Kevin Sorbo who was on the show, and gave the only realistic statement uttered: off-campus drinking is going to occur just as much as on-campus swishing will.

In trying to combat this cycle of college rape and lessen college drinking, the uncalled for comments by people like Dash and the staff of Outnumbered do not contribute effectively to the effort.

Please do better with more thoughtful advice.


The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) offers free and confidential assistance to for the sexual abused, their families and friends.  Call 1.800.656.HOPE to be connected to a live representative now, or visit for more information.


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