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James Robertson’s story went viral as soon as the first reporter submitted the story. He’s the 56-year-old Black man who walks 21 miles five days a week to get to work. The response to this viral tear-jerker was a windfall of donations to help Robertson get a brand new car. The crowdfunding account has made it up to over $350,000 in donations, but instead of celebrating this uplifting news, we’re shaking our heads because Robertson now fears for his life, as he’s been threatened.

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Robertson said he’s thankful for the outpouring of support, but he’s not exactly loving the publicity. He’s been living in a boarding house and on Feb 10, he contacted the police after receiving threats and they helped him move to a temporary residence. Roberston’s fears were brought on not only by threats, but the death of fellow Detroit resident, Arthur Neal, who claimed to have won $20,000 in a lottery and was found stabbed to death on Feb 1.

Robertson wants to move closer to work and into the suburbs, which means that he’s going to have to say goodbye to Detroit.  “It’ll be hard to leave the city that I love,” he tells local news. Sadly, Robertson still walks a majority of places. When he’s not driving to and from work, he’s got to leave his shiny new ride in police custody to keep it from being vandalized or stolen. SMH.

What a terrible way for James Robertson to live–he’s gotten the help he needs but can’t enjoy it because people lack humanity.


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