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Johnny Cinco releases his latest mixtape iSwear and in an interview with the Durtty Boyz he seems adamant about his style and ideas being stolen from him. Recently Rich Homie Quan premiered a song titled “Swear” which all to similar to the title of Johnny Cinco’s mixtape, What type of message is Rich Homie Quan trying to send. In this interview he speaks on his position in the beef between Rich Homie Quan and himself.

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On this codeine induced melodic project from Johnny Cinco executively produced by  ‘iSwear’. The self renowned “Trap Weekend” as he calls him self. On this mixtape he is rapping’ and singing about women, drugs, and foreign necessities as if he sat in the Trap in a condo and recorded the whole mixtape reminiscing on past times in foreign countries. Cinco say’s “I can’t give the H**s the time, every minute is a fine!” on ‘Understand Me‘ in the beginning of the song he brings the song in similar to the way you would hear  from Drake, or The Weeknd, on a slowed up melodic Texas style. When you take the time to break down the lyrics in his verses you can see that he’s really trying to send a message to someone.



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