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Protest in front of Ferguson Police Station

Source: Protest in front of Ferguson Police Station (Michael B. Thomas/Getty I / Getty

According to MSNBC, two officers were shot as people were beginning to leave the scene of protests in Ferguson, Missouri. One officer was reportedly shot in the shoulder and another was shot in the face.

Chaos reportedly ensued shortly after Midnight CDT in Ferguson, Missouri after protests were rapping up for the day. Citizens had been protesting at the Ferguson Police Department building after a Department Of Justice investigation found racially biased policies had been funding the city at large. It was due to this DOJ finding, that a number of city officials had begun resigning their positions. The City of Ferguson Police Chief has been the latest official to find himself unemployed as of Wednesday, March 11th.

The protesters wanted more firings or resignations and that was why they took up positions at the Police Department.

Take a look at the video below to see some of what was going on at the scene.



There is no word on who the shooter(s) were and Police are coordinating with protesters to check cell phone footage for possible clues.

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