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Kanye West

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Oh Boy! The mysterious group of hackers that go by the name Anonymous, have more tea to spill and this time the kettle that it comes from apparently belongs to Mr. Kanye West!

In a recent video threat posted by the group, the Anonymous character expressed complete disgust with Yeezy and his arrogance and childish behavior.

Said Anonymous,

“A direct message to our brother, Mr. West, to teach him a lesson on humility, and responsibility, over his out of control, hypocritical, and impulsive actions. Anonymous is sounding off the new Renaissance era this year for humanity, and “we aint finna play with them nooooo more! Because at this point, we’re tired of it!” And you need to respect real artistry and allow other artists other than Beyonce to be celebrated for their achievements. “Because, what happens is, when you keep diminishing art, and not respecting the craft, and smacking other artists in the face, you’re disrespectful to inspiration.” You owe Beck, Taylor Swift, your fans, and the many people you’ve hurt and disappointed over the years an apology, Mr. West. Our tolerance with your arrogant and distasteful behavior to gain attention online has reached its end. We will be watching you.”

The video threat shows Kanye’s numerous meltdowns, including his antics at award shows and the infamous tantrum thrown during his interview with legendary entertainment journalist Sway a few years ago.

The seven minute rant also speaks on West’s wife, daughter and mother!

Take a look below!



We get the feeling these cats know something the rest of us don’t. And if they don’t see the results they’re seeking…we may all know exactly what they know in due time!

Grab your popcorn and a good beverage kiddies…because if this really is Anonymous threatening Ye…then they must have something major to hang over his head. One thing they definitely don’t do…is play!

Stay Tuned!