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While thousands took to the streets all over the country to demonstrate after Freddie Gray‘s death, protests also continued in Ferguson, Missouri after two separate shootings left three injured on Tuesday evening.

Several dozen protesters took to the streets and blocked traffic, performed die-ins and sang songs of praise for Michael Brown and Gray, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reports. Protests began around 8 p.m. as people marched down Florissant Road near the Ferguson Police Department, one of the prominent areas that brought out hundreds of people after Darren Wilson was not indicted for killing 18-year-old Brown.

By 9:30, protesters began to step into the traffic and by 11 p.m., officers suited up in riot gear after a Dollar General and a mobile phone store were broken into. Like the NYPD, the police officers instructed protesters to step off the streets and onto the sidewalks.

No arrests or injuries were reported.

SOURCE: St. Louis Post Dispatch | VIDEO CREDIT: News Inc. 

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Three Injured In Separate Shootings During Ferguson Protests For Freddie Gray

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