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Women In Motiona series of talks that takes place at the Cannes Film Festival, and draws some of the most acclaimed women who work in film, got a great dose of reality from actress/producer/director Salma Hayek this year. Hayek who has always lead the way in various women’s causes believes that top executives in Hollywood do not take women-made films seriously enough because they do not understand the economic prowess of women. Upon being asked how to get men to care more about the presence of women in higher level roles in the film industry, Hayek responds by saying that men respond to money and showing them the money.

Citing her work bringing Ugly Betty to abc and the challenges that she faced, Hayek says that bringing “new” ideas to executives at major networks always brings resistance. That is of course until you show them the money. The Mexican-American actress believes that women have to approach their current plight in film knowing that they come from positions of power, rather than feeling like it’s something they ought to beg for. Hayek also went on to talk about sexism at the level of giving male actors some power to choose their leading ladies, as well as disparities in pay, and more.


But we are here for everything Hayek has to say. Check out the video below for her take on the industry’s sexism.

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