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Tracee Ellis Ross, well now, Dr. Ross has received an honorary doctorate from Brown University. “Call me Dr. Ross!” Tracee exclaimed on her personal blog. “I was awarded an honorary doctorate degree by Brown University, my alma mater, and I am humbled and thrilled! I know I’m not really a doctor now but I won’t belittle a moment like this. It was a moving and exciting weekend!”

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Dr. Ross was honored for her “grace, talent and strong sense of self…work that combines detailed knowledge of human nature with boldness…a passion from facilitating self-expression and broadening the definition of what is beautiful…dedication to helping others particularly teenage girls, find their inner strength, confidence and pathways to satisfaction…creating common ground with women of all backgrounds… And a continued desire to push the boundaries of imagination.”

Well, isn’t that a beautiful description of what everyone woman who has ever womaned should strive to be. They should start handing out this type of education to the masses.

Brown gives out six honorary degrees each year and the pool is a large one–they pick from everyone in every field, race, age, etc. No one is off limits, so Ross being chosen out of everyone in the world is quite the accomplishment! Ross writes, “I was the youngest and the only person of color this year!” The other women honored with a doctorate were:

Louise Lamphere: known as one of the founding mothers of feminist anthropology, a lifelong feminist who fought since the 70s to have gender equality in higher education.

Susan Solomon: the atmospheric chemist was among one of the first scientists to discover the hole in the ozone layer and begin to address it.

Kathryn D. Sullivan: a geologist and the first American female astronaut to walk in space. She has gone on 3 shuttle missions among many other great things.

To say Ross is among great company is an understatement. We’re so proud of our BAE! Brains, beauty and inspiration!


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