We’re way up, we feel blessed. We just wanted to say that, just like Riley CurryStephen Curry‘s daughter, did as she stole the show again. This time, after her father led his team to to the NBA Finals.

Steph’s 2 year old daughter wanted to be heard and she grabbed the mic to let the world know, “I’m way up, I feel blessed.” In the press conference video you can see Riley yawning like last time, then hiding under curtains and even doing a little dance. Which sparked her dad into saying, “She’s way too comfortable up here.”

The Riley Show started on the court when Riley threw her hands up in the air and waved to the crowd. Good stuff. We can’t wait to see more of Riley in the Finals.

Houston Rockets v Golden State Warriors - Game Five

Kanye seemed to love the Riley Show, or maybe he just really enjoyed the game. We think it was Riley, but it could have been Lil B. Matter of fact, yes it was Lil B.

PHOTO & VIDEO CREDIT: YouTube, Getty, Twitter

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