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Rapper and recording artist Killer Mike recently joined the conversation on the Rachel Dolezal controversy and he’s making some killer points (no pun intended).

Mike did not defend Dolezal’s actions, but he did bring up a point that people seem to be overlooking in the midst of all the gossip. He joked about how the Black community was willing to give White people “passes” in the past, mentioning Bill Clinton’s infidelity and the Tiger Woods scandal (which according to Mike was worthy of a super-pass). He also voiced some doubts regarding oppression in Rachel’s town of Spokane, Washington, stating “they had to import White people for their NAACP.”

We’ll keep you posted on what other celebs think about the issue. In the meantime, watch the full panel discussion with Killer Mike, Natasha Leggero, and Robin Thede on Larry Wilmore’s The Nightly Show above.

game of thrones cast

Spoiler alert: I think I can speak for 90 percent of the U.S. population when I say we are still grieving the loss of our beloved Jon Snow (who now really knows nothing). But now that Season 5 of Game of Thrones has come to an end, it’s time to start talking about Season 6. The Hollywood Reporter released some pretty gnarly predictions for what’s to come in the future of GOT. They’re guessing that Daenerys and Arya will have their work cut out for them and that Tyrion may be in for a rough season too. After all, “a Lannister always pays his debts.”

Get a deeper look at the elaborate predictions here.

Primates of Park Avenue

The film rights to Wednesday Martin‘s Primates of Park Avenue, a controversial book about wealthy Upper East Side women, have officially been handed over to MGM. The book debuted at No. 1 on the New York Times ebook bestseller list, No. 2 on the combined print/ebook list, and No. 3 on the hardcover list. It’s safe to say the film has some big (and most likely high-heeled stiletto) shoes to fill.

Anna Kendrick covers Glamour Magazine

It’s official; Anna Kendrick is back… for the third time. Considering Pitch Perfect 2 broke the $100 million mark in its second week, it would’ve been just plain wrong and arguably unjust to pass up an opportunity for round three. You can catch Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect 3 on July 21, 2017.

A Deadly Adoption

When we first heard Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig would be making a movie together, we almost went into cardiac arrest. Being pretty much both of their biggest fans, we could not wait to watch the 20-second trailer of A Deadly Adoption the second it aired. But let’s be honest, it just wasn’t enough.

Thankfully, Yahoo swooped in and saved the day, releasing an extended trailer of the upcoming Lifetime movie, where Ferrell and Wiig play a couple looking to add a new member to their family. The movie is a parody of the movies Lifetime is famous for – if that doesn’t get you hooked already, we don’t know what will. Catch the guaranteed masterpiece on June 20th, at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.

Watch the official trailer, below.

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