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Although the boxing match of the century occurred two months ago, it seems like things between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao haven’t cooled off just yet.

A few days ago, Floyd shared a video with his Instagram followers and in it, he can be seen referencing Manny while punching a dummy. This isn’t the first time Mayweather took shots at Pacquiao, but it’s the first time Manny has actually responded. According to Complex, Manny’s PR manager released a statement on the boxer’s behalf. The intense message, reportedly put together by Manny, reads:

We should understand Floyd Mayweather Jr. because of his family background.

He hailed from a family of ex-convicts and he himself is an ex-convict. We could not blame him because his action just showed the kind of family upbringing he had. [The Instagram video] only reminds me of what he did to his ex-wife. I hope he would find time to reflect on his life and repent for the sins he committed in the past. A real champion is gracious in both his words and conduct. Someone who is a champion not just in his chosen field of endeavor, but even in his own home and private life.

Woah. Meanwhile, Floyd might be losing one of his championship belts. The site reports:

Mayweather is going to be stripped of his WBO 147 lbs. championship belt (the one he won from Manny Pacquiao) on Monday for not complying with organization rules.

This isn’t a good look for the boxing champ, but chances are he’s not stressed about it. After all, he’s still ballin’.


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