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The hits just keep on coming for Arian Foster.

No one was surprised when he injured his groin on Thursday (Aug. 6) as soft-tissue injuries have become something of the norm for the Texans’ Running Back.

But one to always shake things up a bit, Foster recently admitted to ESPN Magazine that he doesn’t believe in God, and would like like to be the face of non-religion.

He explained to ESPN Magazine, “ “People might say, ‘I don’t want an atheist representing my team.’ Now, though, I’m established in this league, and as I’m digging deeper into myself and my truth, just being me is more important than being sexy to Pepsi or whoever. After a while, what’s an extra dollar compared to the freedom of being you? That’s the choice I made.”

While a lack of faith is nothing new, for a public figure to openly voice their stance is certainly courageous.The Pro-Bowler has even partnered with with the nonprofit group Openly Secular to get his message across in the clearest way possible.

The chairman of Openly Secular, Todd Stiefel told ESPN, “This is unprecedented… He is the first active professional athlete, let alone star, to ever stand up in support of gaining respect for secular Americans.”

Foster grew up in Albuquerque, NM as a Muslim where he remembers praying  five times and and questioning his father’s conventional religious beliefs.

With it being such a bold move, the jury is still out on how this will affect possible endorsements and even Foster’s relationship with the team.



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