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Body shaming should never be a trend, but it seems like that’s what Hollywood is sticking with these days.

During a recent taping of The View, co-host Raven-Symone said that while on her ABC Family show State of Georgia, she was forced to wear a fat suit because she was deemed “too skinny.” This came after she was initially told she’d never get her own show if she didn’t lose some weight. Once she dropped the pounds, Raven received more backlash in the industry, even when they welcomed other plus-size actresses.

“When I lost all my weight, big girl season came,” she said. “It was like so many big girls that are now famous, and I was over here starving.”

Whoopi Goldberg cosigned the sentiment, saying the same thing happened to her some years ago when she was up for a role. She was told they wanted her for the part when she was heavier.

Whatever the case, it’s time we saw more body positive standards in the media. Life isn’t “one size fits all.”


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