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Matt Barnes

Despite all of their marital issues in the past, it looks like the feelings for his ex-wife are still real for Matt Barnes.

The Memphis Grizzlies player has social media in a frenzy after reports surfaced that the NBA star drove 95 miles to Los Angeles, just so he could beat up Gloria Govan’s new boyfriend, who happens to be Derek Fisher.

Even though Fisher is coaching the New York Knicks right now, the two were once teammates while playing for the L.A. Lakers, making this a pretty tough pill to swallow for Barnes.

A source told the NY Post that Barnes reportedly “beat the s–t” out of Fisher at Govan and his former home, where the new couple was having a bonfire with about 10 friends.

The site reports, “Barnes was in Santa Barbara [at Memphis Grizzlies training camp] and heard that Fisher was in his house. He went crazy. He got in his car and went to the house and went after Fisher.” Another source revealed, “Someone told Matt that Fisher was at the house and he drove down there — he went over to confront Derek.”

One of the sources tied to Fisher told the site, “Matt came after Derek but he only had a few scratches … Derek’s not going to press charges, he’s going to let it go.”

Fisher is also recently separated from his previous wife, as the two officially ended their 10-year-marriage this past March. He has reportedly been dating Gloria Govan for a few months.

This should definitely make things pretty interesting this upcoming season.


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